I am proud to be running for Moorhead School Board.

One school counselor for every 485 kids. A thousand kids who have outstanding school lunch debt. More English learners but no corresponding increase in the resources needed to teach them. Teachers who are being asked to do more with less, year after year after year.

I know these are problems Moorhead residents care about, and I ran for Moorhead School Board last year to try to help solve them. Here’s what I have accomplished so far.

Hired a new superintendent.

The most important job of a school board is to hire the person who will manage the day-to-day operations. We developed rigorous hiring criteria, consulted every stakeholder group, and put in the time and effort to recruit and ultimately hire a superintendent.

Advocated for educational equity.

I want every child that walks through the doors of Moorhead Public Schools to find success when they walk out. I have done my absolute best to advocate for educational equity, to discuss thoughtful ways to remove barriers, and find better ways to communicate with families.

Served on five committees.

At the beginning of my term, I took on four committees and volunteered for a fifth in April. These committees include: the Technology Committee, Instruction and Curriculum Advisory Committee (ICAC), Ellen Hopkins PTAC, American Indian Education Parent Committee, and the Teacher Evaluation Committee. All of these committees are important and help give voice to work being done by parents, community members, and staff to ensure our students are getting the best possible education.

Worked on improving teacher evaluations.

The last committee I volunteered to be part of is the Teacher Evaluation Committee. This committee intends to ensure, as a system, we are evaluating teachers fairly and growing them into the best educators they can be. After hearing concerns about the evaluation process, as voiced by many teachers and staff, I knew I wanted to be part of the process that establishes we are doing everything we can to recruit, grow, and retain the very best educators and to celebrate and thank them all along the way.

Engaged with the public.

I have answered every phone call or email I have received. I have listened to and considered many different viewpoints. I believe this is part of my basic responsibility, and I take it very seriously.

Advocated for a dress code policy that is fair and affirming.

Because of objections I raised, our outdated and vague dress code policy was sent back to the policy review committee. I researched and provided an example of a policy I would like ours to model. Ultimately our policy was revised in a way that holds students responsible for their own distractions, which I think is a valuable life lesson, and affirms our commitment to the education of every student.

This does not even scratch the surface of what I think is possible for Moorhead Public Schools. I still have much to learn and much to offer. Please vote for me on November 6th. Together we can make a difference for Moorhead.